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about Tamaki Law


The attorneys at Tamaki Law fight for the rights of victims of clergy and nun abuse. Tamaki Law has filed nearly a hundred legal actions in Montana Courts on behalf of abuse victims and has represented hundreds more in Washington, Oregon, California, and throughout the United States.

According to attorney Blaine Tamaki, founder of Tamaki Law, “Priests, nuns and others connected to Montana missions and parishes have betrayed the trust of children entrusted in their care, and inflicted terrible atrocities upon them. Many Montana religious figures were responsible for protecting children, but instead raped and molested them. It is our intent to hold them accountable.”

Tamaki Law firm attorney Vito de la Cruz, notes that many Montana abuse victims range in age from their 40’s to mid-70’s. “Mainstream America may not realize the courage it takes to come forward. As children, they had no power to stop the abuse. As adults, they are often finally willing to confront the truth – and when they do, they deserve support. We understand what it takes, and we are inspired by their courage.”

The attorneys at Tamaki Law have over 75 years of combined litigation experience. De la Cruz brings over 27 years of experience to the table as a noted trial lawyer. Native American and Latino included in his heritage, De la Cruz understands the cultural issues that have encouraged secrecy surrounding sexual molestation by those connected with the church. Vito de la Cruz graduated from Yale University in 1981 and from the University of California, Boalt Hall School of Law, Berkeley, California in 1985. He has taught nationally and internationally in areas from trial advocacy, federal criminal law practice, and tribal law practice. He is a skilled trial lawyer who has represented thousands of clients over a 27 year career.

Attorney Vito de la Cruz and victim advocate Ken Bear Chief have scheduled several informational meetings in the next few months throughout Montana.

Attorney Blaine Tamaki has over 30 years experience in litigating tough cases to extraordinary results. Recently, Blaine was honored as a Washington SuperLawyer for his tireless representation of victims of abuse, negligence and medical malpractice.

Attorney Bryan Smith has been litigating child sexual abuse cases for years throughout the United States, and was instrumental in the landmark $166 million dollar Jesuit Abuse settlement.

The dedicated Tamaki Law team is rounded-out by Victim Advocates Laurie Lyon and Ken Bear Chief and legal assistant Julie Perrault Remmerden.




As victims understand clearly, sexual abuse is not a solely a Native American issue.  Vito de la Cruz and Tamaki Law represent men and women of all backgrounds who have suffered abuse as children at mission schools and parishes throughout Montana.  “The abuse wasn’t only targeted towards Native America mission school children. Many Montana parents sent their children to board at the schools until they could get back on their feet financially or because of crisis such as family illness ,” De la Cruz stated.

Tamaki Law can help.

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